Contemporary Features, Design & Construction

As a commercial fence contractor, we take pride in our decades-long record of completing commercial projects precisely to specification, on time and on budget.

Since 1962, we have served a wealth of commercial clients, including all manufacturing environments, power and chemical plants, pharmaceutical, mining, schools, government, sports facilities, and multi-family housing. Because of this extensive experience, we are well aware of the commercial and industrial environment and challenges that face these projects.

In addition, because of our longevity in the industry, we have strong relationships with suppliers around the country and are able to access leading-edge materials within a quick turnaround and at a reasonable cost. 

Our clients consistently tell us they appreciate our ingenuity and ability to think "out of the box" when developing unique solutions to their unique situations. 

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A wealth of commercial clients, including all manufacturing environments.

Industrial Spaces

Security fence, federal and military fence, factory designs, access gates, high rail installations.

Access Control

Access control security solutions for commercial facilities, residential estates and developments.

Guard Railing

Traffic control in public or private areas, providing safety barriers and retaining walls.

Rental Fencing

Temporary fence solutions with free standing chain-link, panels and barricades for events.

Specialty Fabrication

Unique fence fabrication for custom installations for residential and commercial projects.

Sporting Complexes

Sports complex fence solutions for security and crowd control, baseball, football, all sports.